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Welcome to Lahnwerkh1

Lahnwerk is a specialist toolmaker producing complex die,
mold and pattern tools.

With over 60 years experience, we develop and
manufacture customer-orientated solutions for well known
manufacturers and module suppliers to automotive, commercial
vehicle and other industries:

Specialised in the manufacture of complex:

  • Patterns
  • Gravity dies and permanent molds
  • Pressure dies
  • Squeeze dies and molds
  • Gauges and fixtures

Von der Idee zur SerieFrom concept to final product!

Within this spectrum you can trust us with any task with any degree of difficulty. We provide the best technical and economical solution.

Precision tooling is the starting point and precondition for precise end products. This interface is the juncture within your production line that decides quality and success.

Do not compromise and trust a competent partner.


Production conform product optimization,
practicing Simultaneous Engineering with
end customer and supplier.

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Competent and
enthusiastic designers.

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Efficient manufacturing processes with
highly qualified and motivated staff and
state of the art machining centers.

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Preventive quality concept
to avoid defects.

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