Lahnwerk GmbH Company


The evacuation of the Krupp pattern shop from Essen to the Hessian countryside in the last years of the war and the loss of its existence at the end of the war form the background for the creation of LAHNWERK.

The responsibility for his workers and the trust in their capabilities lead the then-head of Krupp foundry, engineer Reinhold Huppert to establish a new company in their newly found home – in Biedenkopf.

Establishes with a few patterns makers Holzverarbeitungs GmbH in Biedenkopf. Initially wood patterns for foundries of the reemerging automotive industry are produced. The company operates out of leased premises.
An additional hall is leased and the production of metal pattern commences.
The company is renamed to Lahnwerk GmbH. The range of products is continuously expanded. The foundation for the first own production plant of the current company is laid.
Engineer Harald Huppert succeeds Reinhold Huppert.
Lahnwerk acquires a complete die making shop with dies and injection molding.
After the death of Harald Huppert his complete shares (80%) of Lahnwerk GmbH are in the Harald Huppert trust.
Lahnwerk has developed into an important partner to all leading automotive manufacturers, cars and trucks as well as leading foundries in Germany and abroad. Lahnwerk operates Simultaneous Engineering for new product developments mainly engine and chassis as well as powertrain components for cars and trucks.

Many things have changed in the last 60 years but not the company philosophy: The sense of responsibility for our employees and the trust in their capabilities.