Lahnwerk GmbH Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Every manager and every employee is responsible for ensuring that their behaviour complies with the principles of our code of conduct as well as the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Respect for human dignity
The internationally recognized human rights are expressly supported. Even in the event of disciplinary measures, all company employees must be treated with dignity and respect. These measures may only be carried out in accordance with the applicable national and international standards and internationally recognized human rights.

Company property
All employees have a duty to use the company’s property and assets appropriately, economically and responsibly in every respect.

Equal opportunities
All employees are required to work together with respect.
We resolutely oppose discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.

Our code of conduct is a central part of our corporate policy.
Every employee is responsible for compliance with these principles. Managers have a special responsibility. They are obliged to convey the meaning and content of the Code of Conduct to their employees and to illustrate them. This should not limit the scope of the employees to act independently within the permissible framework. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the code of conduct is observed.

Confidentiality & data protection
Company and operational secrets are to be treated confidentially. This also applies to other information that Lahnwerk, its contractual partners and customers wish to keep secret.
Personal data are subject to special protection. This obligation remains in effect even after the employment relationship has ended.

Rejection of forced labor
Lahnwerk rejects any form of forced labor. No employee may be compelled to work, directly or indirectly, through violence and / or intimidation.

Right of association
The right of workers to form associations or organizations of their choice to advance and protect the interests of workers, to join or leave them and work for them is respected. Employers and elected employee representatives work together trustingly and for the benefit of the company and its employees.

Antitrust rules
Lahnwerk is committed to open and fair competition in all markets around the world.
Our company and our employees must not commit any illegal and / or criminally relevant practices such as illegal bid rigging that distort competition.

Rejection of child labor
Child labor and the exploitation of children and young people are not tolerated by Lahnwerk.
We strictly adhere to the statutory provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Safety & Health
Strict adherence to our safety regulations and practices is a basic requirement for a safe work environment.
All employees are obliged to report violations of these principles to their superiors immediately. Irregularities must be remedied immediately.

No bribery and corruption
The company rejects bribery and corruption.
Employees must ensure that there are no personal dependencies or obligations towards customers or suppliers. Company employees must not accept or give gifts that are believed to influence business decisions. If gifts correspond to the customs and courtesies in a country, it should be ensured that this does not result in any binding dependencies and that the national legal standards are observed. Violations are usually punished with measures under labor law.