Complaint management

Accountability and Compliance with Company Policies

The company and especially the managers, but also each individual employee and all other stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that their own behavior complies with the principles of our guidelines and the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, everyone is obliged to ensure that the other interest groups also behave accordingly.
This should strengthen the scope for all stakeholders to act independently within the permissible framework.


Complaint management


All stakeholders must be able to communicate openly with management about working conditions without fear of discrimination or retaliation in any form.

Everyone is encouraged to appropriately report their concerns or knowledge of possible wrongdoing and non-compliance at the earliest opportunity.

Everyone is obliged to report serious violations of this policy immediately to their superiors or to the implemented complaint management system. Any grievances must then be remedied immediately.


Dealing with complaints and violations of existing rights

We are aware of the responsibility towards our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders as well as our employees and not only align our business activities according to our guidelines, but also enable them to consciously claim their rights with the help of a fair and confidential complaints procedure.

The complaints procedure is openly accessible and a compliance case can be opened by contacting our registration officer Arwed Prinz under protection against discrimination:


State: May 2024