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Principles of our corporate policyh1

  1. The policy of our company is determined by the shareholders in dialogue with the management.

  2. To safeguard our jobs, an income-oriented basic attitude is required, based on stable sales development and the cost-conscious use of our production factors.
  1. The most important production factor of our business process is the personnel. The highest duty of all managers and employees is to promote the motivation of the individual through mutual respect, performance-oriented assessment, cooperation, human fairness and professional support.

  2. For us as a producer of complex facilities, company development is crucially dependent on the quality of our products. Ensuring and improving our quality standards is therefore of the utmost importance for every employee. The requirements of the legal regulations are incorporated and observed in all areas.

  3. Maintaining our competitiveness requires each and every one of us to meet our deadlines and to be reliable towards our customers. For the professional and timely solution of problems, the partnership-based contact with the customer is indispensable.

  4. Only the satisfaction of our customers with the processing of their orders ensures us an economically assured company-existence and forms the starting point for orientation to new markets and customers.
  1. We operate integrated environmental protection and strive to use resources sparingly, not only for reasons of cost cutting, but also in the awareness of our social and political responsibility. We commit to comply with applicable legal requirements. Furthermore, environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes are decision criteria in the selection of suppliers. We support our customers in solving environmental problems by further developing of our products and offering technical advice.

  2. The national and international competition requires us to constantly strive to optimize and improve our operating processes. By defining and executing corporate goals as well as their fulfillment, evaluation and adaptation, a continuous improvement process is achieved. This obligation is imposed on all employees, in the responsibility to all families whose economic foundation is called "Lahnwerk”.

Biedenkopf, 21st August 2019
H. Nispel, managing director